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Shifting from wound healing to quantum regeneration

The biology of wound healing is well understood and it has been difficult to heal chronic wounds because of a range of underlying issues. However, as science has advanced and the development of a new quantum biology framework in which to understand the physics that is happening in biology we can now shift from the concepts of materials added to wound to assist in healing to creating quantum healing fluids that perform quantum entanglement and respond to exogenous light sources to create structures. Healing that usually takes weeks to months will soon be able to be performed in minutes or hours. Look at this video and see how in realtime the quantum healing fluids respond to different light energies and change their shape according to the energy present in that environment. These are fluids that are able to be mass produced and contain a diverse array of biological structures that respond to environmental signals to generate new structures. 

When used in wound healing they appear to respond to the signals within the wound itself and accelerate healing without pain. The IP has been developed for the generation of quantum healing fluids and the applications are numerous. We are seeking investors in this space to change the nature of healing from a slow biological process into a rapid physics process that occurs at the speed of light.

Quantum Technologies Ltd leading the quantum healing revolution in regenerative medicine.

The product has been registered on the New Zealand MEDSAFE WAND database as a class IIb medical device. Both human and veterinary applications are potential markets of interest.

Human case studies have noted accelerated pain free healing.

Get in touch if you are interested in testing the latest quantum healing fluid technologies.

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