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Online quantum biology course

Quantum physics changed the world back in the 1930s and still, biology and medicine in New Zealand has not caught up. I will develop a simple online course describing how to integrate the concepts of quantum physics into human biology by developing my unified field theory based on SUSY inversion and integrate Einstein's equation into the geometry of the structure of the hydrogen s orbital structure. This new quantum biology framework will then be used to develop quantum healing products for the medical profession within New Zealand to ensure our healthcare system can finally move into the 21st Century.

The new physics of supersymmetry inversion.

This is my company Quantum Technologies Ltd a quantum biology regenerative medicine company. I make quantum healing fluids that respond to light to generate new structures, which allows the power of healing to be put back into the hands of the individual. Taking personal responsibility for your health and well-being is your greatest reward. Your life depends on it.

OH BEE HAVE empowering healing

About me

Dr. Keryn Johnson Ph.D. (Biochemistry), MSc (Molecular Genetics), BSc (Double major - Plant and Microbial Sciences and Biochemistry). I have 18 years of research and development experience having worked with over 50 commercial clients developing products and processes utilizing biological resources of New Zealand's seafood, apiculture, forestry, agriculture, meat, dairy, and horticulture industries. I focus on regenerative technologies utilizing a new quantum biology technology platform and unified field theory based on the SUSY Inversion Model that I have developed which identifies 100% of the universe. 

I had an experience back in 2013 that changed the way I saw the world. You could say I saw the light. Well, what I saw was inside of me and at the atomic resolution was the hydrogen atoms layman lines. Pretty amazing as it healed my inflammatory disease (Iritis, inflammatory eye condition). Having been diagnosed with HLA B27 and knowing that I have had psoriatic arthritis as a child, turning off my auto-immune issues was an important part of me learning how to restore my health and well-being. Funny how my spiritual experience at church was diagnosed as bipolar. Ever wondered how spontaneous remission in cancer patients occurs? I was told that I would be mentally ill and on medication for the rest of my life. What a load of crap! I do not need medication and I have gone on to make more discoveries over the past year as to the way quantum physics plays out in the human subconscious mind. After all, the human retina is pointing inwards, some say they are backward, I say we are looking inside ourselves and it is the Balmer transition lines of hydrogen that generate the observation through the transitions of the photo-electric effect. Einstein was a smart cookie but could not understand quantum entanglement. I figured out that a number of years ago. See it in action in the healing fluids that I make in the following link.

I use the inverse square law relationship in the structure of an atom. The symmetry of opposites. If you can't see the wood for the trees sometimes you need to understand an alternative viewpoint to get perspective. It is about time the medical profession realized the current model is incorrect. Energy cannot be destroyed nor created, however, we cannot see symmetry because it is the one thing that remains after everything is in perfect balance. Without contrast, nothing is there. That is the point really. The energy within comes from the contrast of the energy within opposites. This is the point of a singularity. Everything is one in perfect balance. I started again and came up with a better model, one that includes 100% of the universe and identifying dark matter and dark energy and the origin of the speed of light. I hope you are interested in taking a leap into quantum biology and accelerate your own personal evolution and knowledge. It is time we put science back into alignment by identifying the point of a singularity, where time stands still and all can be seen as one. After all, the unified field theory provides a new perspective and restores vitality and wellness within as well as? The future is yours to decide and it is up to you to write your story. by supporting me you will be supporting a major shift in scientific knowledge and hopefully a major shift in human health and wellness. 

If you support my campaign then you will have free access to this new knowledge of how to restore wellness in your body and become an expert in quantum biology. Learning is one of life's greatest pleasures. Thanks.

Kind regards

Dr. Keryn Johnson

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