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Quantum Technologies Ltd

The integration of quantum physics into human biology is the premise behind the field of science called quantum biology. Having built a quantum biology technology platform and unified field theory Quantum Technologies Ltd has identified a range of health and well-being products that promotes regeneration and increases vitality and well-being that can be applied to a wide range of human diseases. We are currently capturing the intellectual property associated with these products and processes and are starting on the journey of obtaining the clinical evidence to support the claims being made about the products.

Quantum Technologies tests the consumer market by providing samples to obtain customer feedback. This feedback helps us identify which products are suitable to develop into complementary medicines. Thanks, we love your feedback.

Quantum Technologies is a New Zealand-based quantum biology company (Wellington). We harness the healing powers of Manuka honey to transform people's lives. If you want to know more about the science backing this novel technology then get in touch.

Quantum Technologies Roadmap
Our values

I started Quantum Technologies Ltd because I knew the current models used in physics did not make sense in biology. My mental well-being was suffering because the organization I was working for and I did not see eye to eye. I started saying things that no one understood because I had experienced inner visions of future events that made me appear crazy. Those insightful experiences allowed me to integrate quantum physics into biology because the spiritual healing that I had at church back in 2013 changed me. The experience gave me a new perspective which is difficult to understand because science doesn't recognize spiritual enlightenment as a positive experience it was recognized as bipolar. So I was on medication which no one knew how it worked until I discovered the mode of action. That is why I developed OH BEE HAVE because using monoatomic minerals to restore brain function is critical for mental well-being. Understanding how the subconscious mind works and developing healthcare products that promote healing of the subconscious mind has resulted in the development of my regenerative medicine technology products that are providing amazing healthcare properties in a number of human diseases. After all, the subconscious mind controls all body functions including memory.

To develop brain health products to restore people's memories and well-being and to create truly magical healing products that use my expertise in converting light into physical structures using quantum entanglement. Quantum biology is a revolution happening now and I want to be at its forefront restoring health and vitality using regenerative medicines and putting the power of healing back into the hands of the individual.

We value life, freedom, and honesty. The simple natural things in life are the most valuable like clean air, good friends, yummy foods, clean water, and dancing. Producing products from nature using deep scientific knowledge that has the potential to change people's lives means I am doing what I love, which is to help others.

My story
My purpose
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