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The biology of the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is surprisingly easy to understand once you get the hang of it. It is physics based for a start and physics is maths so it is based on some unusual maths concerning symmetry but inverted symmetry where every action has an equal and opposite reaction to provide a symmetry in opposites in brain hemispheres. Like looking into a mirror the separation of the singularity within creates the sides of our body and mind unity. Where the right side of the brain controls the left side of our body and visa versa. This simple state of inner symmetry comes from the very fabric of the universe. So the physics of the macroscopic universe are identical to the physics of the inner universe within your body only when you do not measure as the act of measuring disturbs the quantum symmetry, which is what is there prior to measurement.

As there is a cross over point within your mind where both the left and right sides invert the point of that inversion is the point where all information resides and considered to be your singularity within you, at least within the physics of your body. 

So restoring the symmetry in your physics in your body starts by understanding that the current model in science has been based on measurement which disturbs the state of balance and symmetry. Therefore to restore balance you need to stop measuring and use logic. The logic includes learning that the atoms in the periodic table are missing something. That is right the balance of opposites. The physics just lost sight of the symmetry in the atom because of measurement. The idea is to add a positron to every neutron as the positive charge on the positron can then cancel the negative 1 charge on the neutron giving a net zero charge. That is why the neutron is bigger than a proton in the standard model. This then allows symmetry to be returned into the structure of atoms, but this does not provide a unified field theory. You have one more step. Turn the quarks into electrons so that only electrons exist and make them both positive and negative and at its centre zero as the two charges cancel each other out. Now you can start to build a unified field theory and make some amazing discoveries. 

Understanding how single atoms behave when bound to a neurotransmitter inside your subconscious mind is what I have given considerable thought to. Returning to Eisntein's photo-electric effect we can see how restoring symmetry into a single atom provides a understanding that within the atom there are wavelengths of photons between the electrons and positrons. The pairs of electrons interact with photons and jump between orbitals. This light based interaction occurs in the balmer series which corresponds to visible wavelengths of light. This is the light our eye see and our conscious mind observes. 

The human retina anatomy point inward and we are observing the light from balmer lines electrons transitions in our subconscious mind. The primordial eye is the electron and it sees via the photo-electric effect.

There are a few more cool things that the physics of the subconscious mind performs. The number of coordination sites in a neurotransmitter determines its stimulatory or inhibitory nature. Lithium which is used for bipolar coordinates to the pi electrons in the neurotransmitter and suppresses photo-fenton chemistry and the generation of hydroxyl radicals which are involved in removing defects within the brain and maintain clarity within the mind.

This is what neurotransmitter function looks like in the subconscious mind. The role of light in the mind is critical for the creation and storage of memories. If plaques and tangles are present as is the case of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease then the light will not get to where it needs to get to in the mind preventing correct function of the subconscious mind. The physics of light in the subconscious mind is new to science and something that is just starting to be explored. Like cooking an egg if the proteins in the mind are no longer able to be transparent to light e.g. the translucent egg white becomes opaque preventing transmission of light in the subconscious mind, which affects memory not in the biology but the physics of the brain. By restoring the physics of regeneration within the subconscious mind using the MRJP apisimin phenolic mono-atomic delivery system we have seen improvements in brain function, reduced brain fog and accelerated learning in human case studies. We have no evidence yet in diseased patients but things are looking exciting.

We are looking to make a difference in peoples lives with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. If you are interested in trying our regeneration topical spray for helping with your memory then please contact me and you can join the growing number of people experiencing the benefits of topical healing products made from food. 

We are seeking investors in this space to conduct clinical studies to demonstrate efficacy.

The technological solution for the 21st century and a preventative approach to regenerative healthcare

How many people in the USA have dementia
50 million by 2050!

Do you want to help put a STOP to the ever-increasing number of people with cognitive decline? 


Here is some information that just might help a loved one keep their cognitive health into later life. See here for the Exec_Summary.

The development of the product for prevention of cognitive decline is a long road and we have clinical case studies that show the potential of the product in a number of clinical areas but need collaborators and investors to get this into the hands of patients through the correct regulatory channels. One small step for humanity and a quantum leap in regenerative healthcare. Pitch deck here for brain health applications.

It comes back to a simple question? Do you matter? My understanding of matter provides a framework of only 5% of the universe. It cannot identify 95%. It cannot identify dark energy and dark matter. It provides a great tool for the external physical objects that accumulate in landfill. However, we see light because our eyes evolved to look into our minds. That is why we can see dreams at night with our eyes closed. 

The new science model of SUSY inversion provides the answers that others have missed. Are you missing something? The observer having the observation inside the mind of the creator. Creator consciousness is a puzzle science has not gone near because it was too difficult, even for Einstein. Now the solution presents itself. 

Take a look!

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