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The physics of the subconscious mind

Symmetry reversal occuring in non-REM sleep provides a functional restoration back to symmetry in the geometry in the atom. We are proposing that sleep restores symmetry in the mono-atomic minerals coordinated to neurotransmitters including pi electrons in the aromatic ring structure of serotonin and dopamine. The function of sleep is to restore the balance of symmetry back into the minerals structure and release the stored asymmetry which occurs as isotopic elements that have different temporal stability states allowing the release of light through beta plus and beta minus decay thus providing the balance within the mono-atomic. Geometric symmetry once obtained provides a stable structure in the subconscious mind. The release light is observed in the form of dreams. The light is is to form structure as the energy released provides the needed energy to produce new memories in the form of biological structures.

The non REM brain function has been shown to occur 10x faster than REM based brain function. The process of beta emission is suggested to be the functional mechanism by which this function occurs but it is also directed connected to photo-fenton chemistry and the production of hydroxyl radicals and the hydroxylation of neurotransmitters. The radical energy system within the subconscious mind is able to provide the needed energy to create or destroy neurons in a continual recycling of physical form therefore providing the adaption required within the brain to function correctly.

These aspects of the physics of the brain have been discovered by using monoatomic minerals coordinated to aromatic rings of plant phenolics which provide the identifical function to our own neurotransmitters based on aromatic amino acids and there decarboxylation. This functional role of mono-atomic minerals provides a significant role in providing the correct functioning of the subconscious. As the subconscious mind controls heart rate and breath and movement its fundamental role in health and well-being has not been explored to any great extent because of it physics and short lived nature of unsable isotopic forms of the various elements. 

By using the current physics knowledge in biology we are starting to understand the reasons why people have mind diseases and the hypothesis suggests it is the lack of physics in the body and the prevention of energy obtained by radicals that is indeed response for reducing the vitality and energy within the body leading to accumulation of damage in proteins and DNA in biology because of partial destruction of proteins and lipids by radicals as the antioxidant function from exogenous antioxidants has overwhelmed our oxidant energy systems leading to disfunction. Therefore finding balance is key to maintain health and well-being. It appears that sleeps ability to restore atomic symmetry is the fundamental physics function of sleep and the light show we observe in our dreams is a function of radioactive decay required to restore symmetry from isotopic asymmetry.


If you are interested in restoring your symmetry and balance by using monoatomic mineral in your diet then Quantum Technologies has developed a topical form of monoatomics that provide the energy to restore the physics within your mind and provide the vitality and well-being. If you are interested in trying the product please get in touch. Your mind is your most precious gift learning how to use the subconscious mind to gain the benefits from using all of your mind. 

The primordial mind is the subconscious mind and it functions using the photoelectric effect. If you are interested in exploring improvements in sleep then get in touch.

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