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Quantum Technologies Ltd

Unified field theory physics based on a singularity physics model. SUSY inversion and the He-BEC singularity.

Quantum biology is a emerging discipline. Back in the 1930's Edwin Schrodinger asked, "What is life". The answer to this question is now changing. Do you have the answer? By developing a new fundamental model for biology based on singularity physics (SUSY inversion), we can answer the question through a science that is not rationale based on the Standard Model of Partcile Physics or we can unify all forces into the atomic singularity before the beginning of time and unlock humaity's full potential. 

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Dr Johnson Ph.D. MSc BSc (The quantum biologist) talks about a new scientific model. A unified field theory and singularity physics model. A way to understand the creation of the universe from He-BEC singularity. He the Father. A process where a quantum fluid of helium before the beginning of time was responsible for the formation of the universe. If you are interested in understanding the new scientific framework and its application to human biology, then please see the following Quantum Biology Research Institute.

The science of the singularity and the models ability to predict the identity of dark energy (#darkenergy) and dark matter (#darkmatter).

quantum biology

Quantum biology is the study of physics in biology. The current scientific model is incomplete which is why we currently have so many issues with human disease. Quantum Technologies Ltd has developed a new scientific model based on a unified field theory that provides the answers to human diseases based on quantum physics. Bold claims need substantiation. Take a look at the model. There is a lot of maths. Sorry. It is a model that needs to be explored slowly. Take your time to understand the physics and its application.

This science is too advanced for the materialism reductionists among us who only use measurement as a means to understand the universe. Unfortunately, the time it takes to understand the information obtained through measurement it is a not what the future is, but the answers obtained through measurement provides a window to look at the past.

SUSY inversion and unified field theory unlocks time itself by understanding the role of isotopes (unstable atoms) have in creating the experience of time itself and how time is a function of the atomics operating in the unconscious part of person's mind. This occurs outside of the neuron (conscious mind). If you understand that consciousness itself is a positive and negative feedback loop based on the observation of the functional outcome performed by the unconscious mind. 

The knowledge has been developed after 28 years of scientific exploration using logic rather than measurement. We know the role of the conscious observer changes the outcome of the experiment as shown in the following video. Quantum mechanics observer effect is happening within the mind's isotope physics operating system.

SUSY inversion and singularity physics model

Dr Johnson discovered a new scientific model for quark charge calculations and in doing so, realigned a scientific atomic framework with the cosmological framework. The singularity physics model is created through an empirical non-interactive logical model that underpins the unification of science and religion in order to explain the missing 95% of the universe as dark energy (DE) and dark matter (DM) originating from the He-BEC (helium Bose Einstein Condensate) a form of matter where everything is one thing. The original God particle and not the Higgs Boson.

The Quantum Biologist

Quarks and their creation through quantum tunnelling and entanglement. A new model that identifies the rules happening in biology. A faster than light system that creates particles from dark energy and dark matter formation from the He-BEC singularity.

Targeting unmet medical needs

I have spent my whole life engaged in biology and its magical properties. After completing 4 degrees at university, I started my journey as a research scientist in the area of regenerative medicine. I have made many discoveries in my life by following my heart and intuition. The greatest discovery I made was within myself and developing a model for the human subconscious / unconscious mind based on singularity physics and the identification of new quark charge calculations that allowed me to identify a unified field theory and a model that identifies everything as one thing. The God particle and the He-BEC singularity. By applying quantum physics to human biology one can change the rules of biology and understand the inner-verse or the universe inside of you.

If you would like to learn more about this new science framework for biology, then you can become a big kid and sign up here.

Get unified and connected with the singularity within

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